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Phones Systems  
Selecting a new phone system for your business can be quite overwhelming! It's  one of the most important decisions that you can make regarding the workflow of your office and it has to be done right to avoid costly mistakes. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, let SouthPaw Communications, Inc. help you find the right system for your immediate and future needs. We are not a Phone System dealer and, therefore, do not try to fit your business into a system but  rather help you determine what system will best fit the needs of your business.


Not ready for a new system?
Have our experienced technicians repair your telecommunications equipment. Whether the problem lies with your business phone system itself, with the wiring and cabling or is a programming error, SouthPaw Communications, Inc. can fix the problem fast and minimize downtime.

  We support the following phone systems:

  Key Systems:  Can handle up to 60 stations, with maximum of 40 recommended.

Hybrids:  Can handle a maximum of 100 stations.

PBX Systems:  No limit on the number of stations that can be accommodated, but the price increases with the number of stations.

Centrex Systems:  Offers the same kinds of options as the PBX, but the phone company provides the switching functions.
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